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Education Programs
The education programs consist of a project-type program that brings together artists in residency with the locals, a culture & arts lecture type program meant to instill a sense of interest and understanding in arts, an on-site education program linked with local schools, in which children and youth can participate, and internships and volunteer programs contributing in nurturing the agents of arts and culture. The Platform aims to test arts' form of existence through an attempt to bring down its walls and barriers by encouraging direct communication between artists and the public.

Archiving program
IAP conveys arts news to not only the artists in residency and contemporary artists who are at the forefront of modern art, but also to the citizens, by building an archive that enables the recording and preserving of the creative activities of artists, and will allow free viewing of books and videos. In addition, the Platform possesses various portfolios and related material of many artists and manages a portfolio registry that converts these documents into a database. The online archive on the homepage serves as a direct function for knowledge.

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