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Incheon Art Platform provides living and studio space for a limited time to artists of various genres, so that they can concentrate on their creative activities under the best conditions. Aside from the physical support of space, IAP provides software and production support by aiding the promotion and execution of projects.

IAP supports both the creative activities of artists from various cultural backgrounds, and the study pursuits of researchers. Additionally, artists in residency are able to develop their creative abilities through collaboration with their neighbors.

Especially, in case of international artists, they work about community art or various projects which is related to local community or city. And international artists present the result in IAP space with various ways(exhibition, workshop, and so on) before they leave.

Participating Programs for Artists

① Programs for IAP Artists
  • - Preview exhibition, Open studio, Performance
  • - Collaboration project (Over IAP 2teams)
  • - Platform Salon (Presentation by IAP artists)
  • - Incheon research (Lecture&Tour)
  • - Matching program (with other genre)
② Promotion : Portfolio, Web promotion, Press, etc
③ Space : For international artists (1 Studio & 1 Guest room), Communal space, media lab, Archive space, etc