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[ Exhibition ] The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019: traveling subjects, creators, experience of places, Section1. 'On the Agora'

Exhibition Period
2019-09-25 ~ 2019-10-27
Exhibition Time
12:00 - 18:00, ް (Closed on Mondays)
Exhibition Location
Incheon Art Platform B Gallery
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

We began from the Agora

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Incheon Art Platform. Its commemorative project Overdrive 2009-2019 will be held from Sep 25 to Oct 27 throughout the IAP. Its title Overdrive indicates an accelerating equipment to boost a starting device and this term suggests IAPs new transformative energy and dynamic vision by grafting this progressive spirit in that boosting into art. At the same time, the term points to the institutions potentiality to evolve, expand and spread as a creative space while it implies the difference residing in Incheon and cultural diversity based on that very difference. The commemorative project Overdrive 2009-2019 consists of exhibition, opening ceremony, international symposium and citizen participating program. Commemorative exhibition Overdrive 2009-2019 : traveling subjects, creators, experience of places aims at examining a creative spaces process of transformation and its aesthetic phenomena while experimenting arts dynamics and possibility. The exhibition studies the transformative process caused by 300 travelling artists staying, the circulation of creative activities appearance and disappearance, as well as the fast-changing contemporary arts processes of repetition and renovation.

As the title of 10th anniversarys commemorative project implies, the project has a purpose of examining cultural diversity within the locality as well as IAPs new transformative energy and dynamics. This intention is visualized in the exhibition with 5 sections. A total of 5 small exhibition halls are separate spaces, but linked, as they clearly distinguish from each other having each different purpose. This exhibition is fluid, immediate, contemporary and provides multiple creative spectra instead of focusing on the theme. The exhibition starts from IAP Building B Gallery.

Section 1. On the Agora invited recommendations, by domestic advisory committee members, of contemporary visual artists who can express dynamic transformative messages among IAPs resident artists. Most of the works in the exhibition express criticism of system and of convention, political participation, creative activities as well as movement toward change and innovation concentrating on new aesthetic value. While Choi Sun doubts about visual vision represented in aesthetic paradox, Kim Kira, Sim Seungwook and Hwang Moonjung deal with individual and collective desires, the gap and lack between them lay in the bottom of the capitalist social structure. Mackerel Safranskis drawings portray desires around the situation of the times and physical violence. Lee Chang-Hoon reveals hidden intention of individuals and their desires in order to body forth society, history and time and Jo Haejun examines multiple borders drawn between generations by personal memories and narratives. Sascha Pohle reinterprets indicators within the difference between awareness and culture while Kim Siha shows the gap between that difference and distinction. Jun So-jung and Klega visualize their messages on social issues like human rights, refugee, disparity, border and state power. Oh Jaewoo, Youn Juhee, Im Youngzoo and Jung Haejung, at the same time, deliver hopeful messages about change and will for newness following aesthetic events dealing with clashes and harmony.


Mackerel SAFRANSKI, KIM Kira, KIM Siha, Sascha POHLE, SIM Seungwook, OH Jaewoo, YOUN Juhee, LEE Chang-Hoon, IM Youngzoo, JUN So-jung, JUNG Haejung, JO Haejun, CHOI Sun, Klega, HWANG Moonjung