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[ Exhibition ] The Way of Embracing the Horizontal World

Exhibition Period
2019-12-20 ~ 2020-06-28
Exhibition Time
(하절기)11:00 - 18:00, 월요일 휴관 (Closed on Mondays)
Exhibition Location
Incheon Art Platform B Gallery
Admission Fee
Exhibition Question

The Way of Embracing the Horizontal World

As a way of closing the year of 2019 and welcoming the upcoming year, Incheon Art Platform presents the exhibition from December 12 to March 20, 2020. This exhibition shows layers of modern society we live in and newly illuminates the established artists who have worked as representative Korean contemporary artists.

Born in 1950-60s, these 6 artists are Incheon-born or spent their early days in Incheon. This means they went through transformations in modern history of Korea. Their long time career, almost 30-40 years, led them to observe and record various lives while they kept up their new experiments facing changes in social, cultural, historical flow of Korea.

Exhibited works deal with a far-reaching issues such as human existence, modern conveniences, contemporary society’s power structure, but most of all, they are persistently concerned about the interface between art and reality, art and society. They present each different view of the world and the spirit of the times as they twist existing structure and system or reveal what was hidden by defamilarization. With act of breaking the absurd reality and unassailably constructed power system, these artists long for utopian world beyond the limit of time and space. That is the new era sings of liberated acceptance and experience regardless of certain principles, rules, power and discourse. They belong to the generation which reached today through the deepest and intense days as they have witnessed the Korean art scene in the past. They wish for eternal ideal and transcendental value far from staying at the limit of the real and the present.

This exhibition has no beginning nor end in terms of the moving line. Just like the time flow of this tangled world. Hope you can discover those messages from the horizontal world the artists wanted to deliver such as hope, strong will for life overcoming despair and the undestroyable purity located in the center of all the living organisms. The exhibition may serve as a momentum to reflect on multiple meanings existent in this community including individual freedom, dignity, co-existence, solidarity that all these artists attempted to voice while they lived in those rough days within their own time background.