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Shimokogawa Tsuyoshi

I studied oil painting at the university. Also Since student, I have been using various materials to create installations and 3D works with the theme that the theme of longing to adolescence opposite sex. Works of those themes are based on a short episode. A boy excited who saw beautiful rainbow the story is a boy tries to find the starting point of a rainbow. The boy looked for various places in the world. It is a story that the rainbow stretched out from a very beautiful golden plate on the deep woods. Emotions for adolescence of opposite sex have obscene emotions.  But I think their emotions  are very pure as they have not experienced anything.

Since 2014 I theme of ideological scene. Based on the scenes I have experienced so far, I am working on those scenes in my memory as a theme. Suddenly I recall scene the not special scene I have been experiencing in my life. That scene is not special. For example, it is a scene seen in daily scenes, traveling destinations and on commuting. Those seem are any not special scenes but I think have some sort of influence in my life. I regard these scenes as ideological scenes in selves, Combined with the objectively captured record scene, and I create video installation of scenery paint.

My works are based on the scene that suddenly remembered memory. And the series began with the Korean scene as a trigger. I think,  Japan and Korea are located in the same East Asia. The impacts the both countries have received from the world have in common. Therefore, I think that the two countries are similar. But it is somewhat different from Japan, even though it is similar. A neighboring country that is near but still far away, I feel something in me in the  Korean scene. Therefore I think that it is a motif of Korean scenes.I felt it when I stayed before.


Tohoku University of Art and Design, MA of Art Culture, Yamagata, Japan, 2004

Solo Exhibition
2016 In Korea / Ideological Scenery,  Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, South Korea
2015 SCENERY ,Omotesandou Gallery, Tokyo Japan
2013 A warp, Omotesandou Gallery MUSEE’ F, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition
2018 TEMI Artist Residency open studio exhibition,TEMI Artist Residency, Daejeon ,South Korea
2017 FLAT outsider Art Communication Exhibition,  A/Agallery, Tokyo, Japan
2016 24Night 25th Day, Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, South Korea

Residencies / Awards
TEMI Artist Residency,Daejeon, south Korea, 2018
S.L.R Residency, Gongju, South Korea, 2018
Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, South Korea, 2015/10~2016/04
TOKYO WONDER SEED competition selected, 2005