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PARK Kyungryul

Seoul, born 1979
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• bey191@gmail.com
• www.parkyungryul.com

PARK Kyungryul studied painting at Hongik University, and earned an MFA at Chelsea College of Art in the UK. The artist has been experimenting with the various elements that a painting consists of. In particular, she is interested in adopting formal experimentation in literature and turning it into structures of visual painting and its narrative constructions. The artist constructs a variety of intuitively drawn images on a screen and explores the structure that determines the narrative of the painting. Through this experimentation that is unconventional in the field of painting, the artist asks the fundamental question of what art should present.
At the Incheon Art Platform, in addition to her preparations for her solo exhibition this year, The artist will expand upon the experimentation in her practice. She will more actively explore material properties by including formal experiments that correspond to her existing idea of ‘sculptural painting’, which utilizes space as a part of a structure that connects narratives that she focuses on as part of her study on the ‘act of reading’.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/19421


- MFA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of London,
  London, UK, 2017
- MFA Fine Art, Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea, 2013
- BFA Fine Art, Hong Ik University, Seoul, Korea, 2005  

Solo Exhibitions
- <On Evenness>, Lungley Gallery, London, UK, 2018
- <A Meeting Place>, Madame Lillie Gallery, London, UK, 2017
- <New Paintings>, SIDE ROOM, London, UK, 2017
- <2013 GOHAP404>, COMMON CENTER, Seoul, 2014
- <You are Nothing>, Space Willing N Dealing, Seoul, 2013
- <Floating_B>, Salon de H Gallery, Seoul, 2011
- <Brainwash>, Loft-h Gallery, Seoul, 2008

Group Exhibitions
- <18th SongEun Art Award Exhibition>, SongEun Art Space, Seoul, 2018
- <Dae-Bak Super Cool>, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, USA, 2018
- <Random Access Memory>, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre,
    HongKong, China, 2018
- <KF Special Exhibition Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Korea-Thailand
    Diplomatic Relations-Out of Place>, ASEAN Culture House, Busan, 2018
- <Kryptos>, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, 2018
- <PACK2018:TinkerBell’s Journey>, Space 413, Seoul, 2018
- <Brood Parasite>, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, 2018
- <Out of Place>, KF Gallery, Seoul, 2018
- <Space xx is Your Aesthetic Accomplice>, Space XX, Seoul, 2018
- <CAN CAN TEN 10th Anniversary>, Space CAN, Seoul, 2018
- <Show! Room!>, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, 2018
- <Sluice Biennial>, Sracok and Pohlmann Gallery, London, UK, 2017
- <Partial Archive>, Yell Space, Shanghai, China, 2017
- <City and the People>, SeMA Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2017
- <Chelsea Summer Show>, Chelsea College of Arts Triangle Space, London,
    UK, 2017
- <Interim Show>, Cookhouse, London, UK, 2017
- <Art and the Measure of Liberty>, Baik Art, Los Angeles, USA, 2016
- <Good Morning, Have a Nice Day>, Gyeunggi Museum of Modern art,
    Ansan, 2016
- <Using the Eye in order to See>, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, 2015
- <Interplay between Incoherency>, Zaha Museum, Seoul, 2015
- <Mindful Mindless>, Soma Museum, Seoul, 2015
- <Art and the Measure of Liberty: the United Nations Turns 70>, Permanent
    Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nation, New York, USA, 2015
- <Today’s  Salon>, COMMON CENTER, Seoul, 2014
- <Use Your Illusion>, Space K, Daegu, 2014
- <I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL>, Hue+Network Art Studio, Paju, 2013
- <Image Installation>, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, 2013
- <Do Windows Vol.2>, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, 2012
- <Greetings for Artists>, Willing n Dealing, Seoul, 2012
- <Intro>, The National Art Studio Gallery, Goyang, 2012
- <In Square>, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, 2012
- <Paranoid Scene>, Interalia, Seoul, 2011
- <지구·The Earth·地球>, SeongBuk Museum of Art, Seoul, 2011
- <Being with You>, Gallery Be-hive, Seoul, 2011
- <Floating Space>, W Seoul Walkerhill curated by Art Centre Nabi, Seoul, 2011
- <The Fantastic Ordinary>, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, 2010
- <Playground>, Cais Gallery, Hong Kong, China, 2009
- <Winter Special-Ordinary Days>, PKM Gallery, Seoul, 2009

- <The Relay of Potential>, YongSan-Gu Center for Dementia, Seoul, 2013
- <In His World>, Gallery Hyundai Window project, Seoul, 2013

- SongEun Art Awards, Excellence Award, SongEun Art & Cultural Foundation,
  Seoul, 2019

- Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2019
- SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul, 2018
- MMCA Residency Goyang, Goyang, 2012