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Seoul, born 1986
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• rahmparc@hotmail.co.kr
• rahmparc.tumblr.com

PARC Rahm has been exploring various aspects of painting through multiple mediums such as drawing, painting, performance, sculpture and installation. Based on the old habits of writing ‘scores’, ‘tables’, and ‘diagrams’ prior to making any forms of art, the artist is compressing her prior inquiries into painting, and seeking other possibilities for painting.
For the artist, Incheon is a somewhat odd place. When the artist realizes that the building at the end of the landscape is actually a boat which is mobile, or when a loud boat horn is heard as if the entire city were a boat, she finds the city odd. There is a part of the artist’s experience that overlaps with what the artist wants to forge through her recent work. Thus she intends to steadily transfer the city of Incheon into the form of a painting during the residency.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/20452


- MFA Painting, Hong Ik University, Seoul, 2014
- BFA Visual Communication Design, Ga Cheon University, Sungnam, 2010

Solo Exhibitions
- <Aportrait>, Weekend, Seoul, 2017
- <Shape of Mass>, GalleryEM, Seoul, 2016
- <Magnetic Lasso Survey>, Cake Gallery, Seoul, 2014

- <Call>(*<PERFORM2017>), Boan, Seoul, 2017
- <2nd Drawing Exercise>(*<Moving/Image>), Mullae Art Factory Box Theater,
   Seoul, 2016
- <3rd Drawing Exercise>, Opera Coast, Seoul, 2015
- <1st Drawing Exercise>, Under the Wow bridge in Hong Dai, Seoul, 2014

Group Exhibitions
- <How Many Steps>, PS333, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, 2018
- <Phantom Arm>, SeMA Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, 2018
- <The Scrap>, 24 Wangsan-ro 9, Seoul, 2017
- <Analytic Index>, Cake Gallery, Seoul, 2015
- <Crossing Plane>, Il Min Museum, Seoul, 2015
- <GOODS 2015>, Se Jong Art Center, Seoul, 2015
- <Space Life>, Il Min Museum, Seoul, 2015

Awards & Grants
- Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture Grant, Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture,
- Il Hyun Travel Grant, Il Hyun Museum, 2012

- Incheon Art Platform, Incheon , 2019
- Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, 2017-2018

- 『Phone Book』, (*Independent   Publishing), Seoul, 2018
- 『Shape of Mass』, G& PRESS, Seoul, 2016
- 『Magnetic Lasso Survey』, G& PRESS, Seoul, 2014