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BAHC Heeza

Seoul, born 1982
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• hz.bahc@gmail.com
• www.heezabahc.com

BAHC Heeza studied Photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and Sculpture at the Korea National University of Arts. The artist has pursues the meaning and value of art through the work. As a photographer, the artist records the space of the work’s creation, and through the installation, she unravels its interpretations. In addition to her solo exhibitions 《Leaving Independent》 (Space keuk, 2018) and 《Double Exposure》 (SongEun ArtCube, 2019), the artist has also participated in many group exhibitions. She is a recipient of the 15th Sajin Bipyong (Photography Criticism) Award (2014), the 9th artist of the year for the KT&G Sangsangmadang SKOPF (2016), and is the 11th Public Art New Hero (2017).
At the Incheon Art Platform, the artist is planning to collaborate with performers. Gestures that utilize objects during the creative process will be recorded. The performer (practitioner)’s movements, which utilize the body in an improvised manner in response to the objects, repeat actions that look absurd and meaningless from a logical standpoint. Through this movement of the moment that is out of the context of ‘sanity’ or ‘logic’, the artist expects to gain insight into the creative process of artists who produce meaning or meaninglessness.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/19605


- Korea National University of arts, Master Dgree in visual arts department, 2017
- Academy of Fine arts in Prague, Certificate in Studio of Prof. Jojef Dabering,
- Seoul institute of the arts, Associates Degree in photography, 2006

Solo Exhibitions
- <Double Exposure>, Songeun Art Cube, Seoul, 2018
- <Leaving Independent>, Space Keuk, Seoul, 2018
- <Visible Invisible>, Yangju City Museum 777residency gallery, Gyeonggi, 2016
- <The Women of Island>, Gallery gabi, Seoul, 2013

Group Exhibitions
- <Cold Frame>, Shinhan gallery Yeoksam, Seoul, 2019
- <Public Art(Magazine) New Hero>, JCC Art Center, Seoul, 2017
- <New Force of Photography 2017>, Goeun Museum of Photography,
   Busan, 2017
- <(not) for sale>, Sangsang madang in Chun-cheon, Gang-won, 2017
- <Boomerang>, Yangju City Museum 777residency gallery, Gyeonggi, 2017
- <Private Space>, Shinhan gallery Yeoksam, Seoul, 2016
- <Impersonal Life>, Gallery 175, Seoul, 2016
- <SAC - Saloun social club>, Strahov Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic, 2015
- <Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R)>, Essen Zollverein, Germany, 2015
- <RED-ROSE CHAIN>, Space can Old-house, Seoul, 2014
- <NineteenRooms>,TheTEXASProject, Seoul, 2014
- <[I=EYE]>, Kimiartgallery, Seoul, 2013

Member of Project Group <COSMOS PARTY>
- <We are going to space: COSMOS PARTY>, Insa Art Space, Seoul, 2016
- <Mission 2017 Cosmosparty>, Space 413, Seoul, 2016

Awards & Grants
- PUBLIC ART / Selected as NEW HERO, 2017
- 9th KT&G SKOPF / selected as last 3 person, 2016
- 15th Sajin Bipyoung(Critique) Award, 2014

- Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2019  
- ChangUcchin Museum of Art Yangju City, 777 residency, Yangju, 2015-2017

- Kimiart Gallery
- Yangju City Museum

Curated Exhibition
- <NOLIFEKING>, Boan1942, Seoul, 2018