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SONG Joowon

Seoul, born 1973
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• 11danceproject@gmail.com
• www.11danceproject.com

SONG Joowon is a choreographer and director of dance films. The artist focuses on the places of the city where time has accumulated. Based on contemporary dance, questions about life reflected in the spaces are embodied through research, performance, exhibition and screenings of specific places. By repeatedly talking to these transforming and disappearing urban spaces through the body, and asking questions, narratives overlap. In 2004, the artist established ‘11 Dance Project’. The project expanded into ‘Community Movement Group’, where non-professional dancers and professional dancers collectively worked together. Major works include PungJeong.Gak that consists of 11 series works, As reflection not reflect on its own reflection, Hallucination and Engraving and more.
At the Incheon Art Platform, the artist will explore the back streets of Incheon defined as the ‘Open Port’ or ‘Modern Industrialized City’, and through movement, explore the landscapes of the city’s floating time and life stories that are embedded in the alleys. Workshops that reinvestigate various parts of Incheon in connection to local residents will be offered, and research related to the wind that currently is blowing in Incheon and a dance film Wind Wind Wind will be conducted.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/20477