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YUN Sungfeel

Suwon, born 1977
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• feelyun@hotmail.com
• www.feelyun.com

YUN Sungfeel majored in Art Practice at Goldsmiths College at the University of London, and received an MFA in Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art in UK. The artist starts with the ultimate question of the existence of human beings, and through experiments with energy that circulate in his work he focuses on the principle of the creation of the universe, and the theory of its changes. He assumes that the interdependent changes and transformations, which human beings cannot grasp, are the essential features of the universe. He views ultimate reality as an invisible yet moving force. He has had a number of solo exhibitions in spaces such as Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (2017), Hanmi Gallery (2016), and has participated in a number of group exhibitions. He has been selected as a ‘Catlin Guide 40 artists’ (2014, UK), awarded a special prize at ‘Broomhill National Sculpture Prize’ (2013), and included in the ’New Sensation’ 50 long list organized by Saatchi Gallery.
During the residency, the artist will be working on 〈Liquid Sculpture Project〉. This project is an extension of 〈the Signal Green project〉 that he started in 2017, which develops and transforms a device that can control an electromagnet. The electromagnet module panel is placed flat on the floor, and liquid magnet is made to move over the electromagnet module to create a new sculptural form.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/19767


- University of London, Slade School of fine art (MFA sculpture), London,
   UK, 2013
- University of London, Goldsmiths College (BA Art Practice), London, UK, 2011
- University of London, Goldsmiths College (The Humanities and Social Science),
   London, UK, 2008

Solo Exhibitions
- <Eyes wide open>, May Space, Seoul, 2018
- <Chi and its vitality>, Expo art gallery, Yeosu, 2018
- <Signal Green>, Gyunggi Creation Centre, Ansan, Gyunggi-Do, 2017
- <PantaRhei>, HRD gallery, Kyoto, Japan, 2017
- <Suspension of disbelief>, Studio 148, Seoul, 2017
- <PantaRhei>, Young-eun Museum, Gwangju, 2017
- <MOVING STILLNESS>, Slow steady club, Seoul, 2017
- <Overview Effect>, gallery meme, Seoul, 2016
- <Sacred Energy>, Hanmi Gallery, Seoul, 2016
- <Recognise existence>, Incheon art pratform, Incheon, 2016
- <The Cosmos>, Art space Bom, Suwon, 2015
- <Fields of Immersion>, Hanmi gallery, London, UK, 2014
- <Chaos>, Cosmos and Circulation, Hanmi gallery, London, UK, 2014
- <Looking at the real world from within the real world>, Sketch, London,
   UK, 2014
- <Chaos>, Cosmos and Circulation, Pyo gallery, Seoul, 2012
- <Looking at the real world from within the real world>, Zaha Museum,
   Seoul, 2012
- <Apollonian=Dionysian>, Art Work Space, London, UK, 2010
- <Chaos+Cosmos>, Crypt gallery, London, UK, 2009
- <Moving Life-Taeguk>, Gallery With White, Seoul, 2006
- <Stillness in Movement>, Gallery Mass, Seoul, 2006
- <Sungfeel yun’s Solo Show>, Gallery MISOJI, Suji, 2006

Group Exhibitions
- <In and out of gallery>, Dongtan Cultural Complex Center, Hwasung, 2018
- <Nonmaterial station>, Beyond art studio, Sejong, 2018
- <Active filter>, GosaekNewseum, Suwon, 2018
- <Beyond the Frame>, Dookcity Culture Foundation, Paju, 2018
- <WWGo through and then>, Zaha Museum, Seoul, 2018
- <Variations>, Artloft gallery, Brussel, Belgium, 2018
- <Iron properties and Material Aesthetics>, Posco gallery, Pohang, 2018
- <Universe : Chaosmos>, Space c#, Daejeon, 2018
- <Absence>, Artloft gallery, Brussell, Belgium, 2017
- <Carbon>, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, 2017
- <Pohang steel art festival>, Pohang Younginman, Pohang, 2017
- <Kinetic art>, Centum city Shinsegae gallery, Busan, 2017
- <Artist rooms>, Cope gallery, London, UK, 2017
- <The 50th Ceremony Modern space group exhibition>,
   Kimjongyoung Museum, Seoul, 2017
- <Sculpture Festival>, Yeulmaru, Yeosu, 2017
- <Contemporary Sculpture Award 2017>, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Sichuan,
   China, 2017
- <Dong-Hak>, JeonBuk Province Art Museum, Wanju, 2016
- <14 sight>, Aram museum, Ilsan, 2016
- <Asia young 36>, JeonBuk Province Art Museum, Wanju, 2016
- <Modern space annual group exhibition>, Artspace Ben, Seoul, 2016
- <Across the divid>, Rosenfeld porcini gallery, London, UK, 2016
- <In the east>, MDZ gallery, Kknock, Belgium, 2016
- <別★同行>, OCI Museum, Seoul, 2016
- <7 Rooms>, Seoul innovation park, Seoul, 2016
- <Hyo, Ah, Ye>, JeonBuk Province Art Museum, Wanju, 2016
- <Creattive 8> OCI museum, Seoul, 2016
- <Art residensy 10>, Gunsan City centre, Gunsan, 2015
- <Metaphisics>, Hanmi gallery, Seoul, 2015
- <Spain now and Sungfeel Yun>, Hanmi gallery, London, UK, 2014
- <East wing Biennial>, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK, 2014
- <Encounter Fine Art>, Broadway House, London, UK, 2014
- <The others>, Hanmi gallery, London, UK, 2013
- <Art project>, London Art Fair, Design centre, London, UK, 2013
- <Broomhill National Sculpture Prize>, North Devon, UK, 2013
- <MA & Other Postgraduates 2013>, Sommerset, UK, 2012
- <4482 Map the Korea>, Barge House, London, UK, 2011
- <Encoded System>, Red Gate Gallery, London, UK, 2011
- <Invisible Bonds>, Korean Cultural Centre, London, UK, 2010
- <London Art Fair>, Business Design Centre, London, UK, 2009
- <LONG NIGHTS>, William Angel Gallery, London, UK, 2008
- <10/10/10>, Tender pixel gallery, London, UK, 2008
- <SungFeel Yun and Eric Ayotte>, Tender pixel gallery, London, UK, 2008
- <Lines in space>, Gyunggi do museum, Ansan, 2007
- <Energy + Energy>, Gallery With White, Seoul, 2006
- <Pochun modern art>, Banwol Art Hall, Pochun, 2006
- <Matter and Analog>, Hana Art Gallery, Seoul, 2005

- Contemporary Sculpture Award 2017 Shortlists 20, Sichuan Fine Art Institute,
   China, 2017
- Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, Special Commendation, North Devon,
   U.K, 2013
- New Sensation , 50 Long lists, Saatchi gallery, London, 2013
- The Catlin Guide 2014, 40 Selected Artists, The Catlin Guide, London, 2013
- The 31th anniversary Pyo gallery competition for young artist, Winner,
   Seoul, 2012
- 1st Zaha museum artist, Seoul, 2012
- National Art Exhibition of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art,
   Special Award, Gwacheon, 2006
- Award of Excellence, National Undergraduate Students Exhibition, Gwacheon
  Museum of Art, Gwacheon, 2004

- Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2019
- Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Ansan, 2017
- Youngen Museum Residecy program, Kwangju, Gyeonggi-do, 2016
- JeonBuk Province Art Museum, Wanju, 2016
- OCI Residency Incheon, 2015
- The Merz Barn Artwork, Eltherwater, England, UK, 2012