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LEE Minha

Incheon, born 1979
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• minmin.yama@gmail.com
• www.leeminha.com

LEE Minha graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Oriental Painting. The artist received another Master’s and a Doctoral degree from Tokyo University of the Arts in Inter Media Art. The artist traces the concept of losing ‘humanity’ that an idea considered inherent to human beings while resisting oblivion. The artist’s work, which seeks to combine primitive mediums and new technologies, features forms that consist of contradictions and materialized texts. The artist has participated in various exhibitions, including the Aichi Triennale (2010), KOBE Biennale (2013), and has organized an exhibition that focused on the beehives around Garibon-Dong, CELL_《Low, High and Narrow Room》 (Gallery Guruji, Seoul, 2017). In addition to producing works and curating, made while visiting Korea and Japan, 〈Art Rail Construction Project〉 (Hangdong Rail Road, Seoul, 2015) is a participatory public art project that invites a large number of residents.
During the residency, she is planning to create a sequel to the work 〈The Scorched World〉 produced last year in 2018. This work is created in the form of a world map, in which 68 coordinates that are widely known for being sites of massacres in the world are recorded. This year, the artist will be making a map of Korea by recording the coordinates of the 20th century’s civilian massacre in South Korea.


- Seoul National University, College of Fine Arts, Oriental Painting, B.F.A,
   Seoul, 2002
- Seoul National University, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Oriental Painting,
   M.F.A, Seoul, 2007
- Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Inter Media Art,
   M.F.A., Tokyo, Japan, 2010
- Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Inter Media Art,
   D.F.A., Tokyo, Japan, 2013

Solo Exhibitions
- <Anamnesis>, Incheon Chinese History Museum Gallery, Incheon, 2017
- <Anaphora>, Guro Arts Valley Gallery, Seoul, 2014
- <Palimpsest>, Gallery HIRAWATA, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan, 2013
- <Sacrifice>, Cafe & Gallery OMONMA Tent, Toride, Ibaraki, Japan, 2010
- <The Metaphor of the Black Wing>, Gallery TOPOHAUS, Seoul, 2007

Group Exhibitions
- <Open Studio14>, Goyang Residency, National Museum of Modern and
    Contemporary Art, Goyang, 2018
- <Gropius House || Contemporary>, Gropius House, Dessau, Germany, 2018
- <Fly In Fly Out_7 Yarns: A Weave of Corresponding Video and Film
   Expressions>, Airspace Projects, Marrickville Garage, Sydney, Australia, 2018
- <The Wind of Chongqing stays in Incheon>, Bupyeong Arts Center Gallery
   Kot-Nu-Ri, Incheon, 2017
- <All Fix 1.5 room>, GaribongBurjib, Seoul, 2017
- <CELL_Low, High and Narrow Room>, Gallery Guruji, Seoul, 2017
- <Art DNA>, Chinretsukan Gallery of the University Art Museum in
   Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan, 2016
- <World Script Symposia>, Sejong Center, Seoul, 2014
- <Kobe Biennale>, Kobe Port, Hyogo, Japan, 2013
- <Aichi Triennale>, Fushimi Underground Mall, Nagoya, Japan, 2010

- <Pan×Sori×Woman_SongHee Kwon Pansori LAB>, Oil Tank Culture Park T6,
   Seoul, 2019
- <Seoul is Museum_International Conference>, Korea Press Center, Seoul, 2016
- <Hamke Design>, Wolgot Art Dock, SiHeungGaetgol Eco Park, Gyeonggi, 2016
- <Art Rail Construction Project>, Hangdong Rail Road, Seoul, 2015
- <One Roof & World Family>, Guro Cultural Foundation, Seoul, 2014

Awards & Grants
- Grant for Solo Exhibition, Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture,
   Incheon, 2017
- Grant for Curatorial Exhibition, Guro Cultural Foundation, Seoul, 2017
- Grant for Solo Exhibition, Guro Cultural Foundation, Seoul, 2014
- Honorable Mention, Shitsurai Art International Competition, Kobe Biennale,
   Hyogo,  Japan, 2013
- Winner of Exhibition through a Competition, Aichi Triennale, Nagoya,
   Japan, 2010
- Grant for M1 Project, Toride Art Project, Ibaraki, Japan, 2007

- Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2019
- Bauhaus Residency (International residence exchange program of MMCA
   Residency Goyang), Dessau, Germany, 2018
- MMCA Residency Goyang, Goyang, 2018
- Kwon Jinkyu Atelier, Seoul, 2016
- Ino Artists Village (Urban Renaissance Agency+TorideCity+Tokyo University of
   the  Arts), Ibaraki, Japan, 2007~2010