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JUNG Sanghee

Seoul, born 1973
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• adocreation@naver.com
• www.adocreation.com

JUNG Sanghee studied Environmental Sculpture at University of Seoul and Art History at the Hongik University. Also she earned a Doctoral degree in Art History & Film Theory from Ohio University in the U.S, and Architecture at the University of Seoul. She is a curator and urban researcher who is active both in Seoul and Incheon, and is carry-ing out the comparative study of the city from the point of contact between architecture and art, both theoretically and practically. She has been researching the city itself, the city’s disused facilities, and planning projects related to space reclamation through cultural and art events. Furthermore, she has been design consulting for domestic/ international urban design projects. She had managed Space ADO for the urban research /art (2014–2018), and worked on various projects.
At the Incheon Art Platform as a major work space this year, she is planning regular and occasional seminars and research on an urban study based on the participation of the resident artists. Also she studies art history of Incheon for archive project, as well as writes a book related the urban study. In addition, the ADO Urban Research project that has been continuing since 2014 will proceed. In the past she has accumulated the results of her domestic and oversea urban studies in the form of publications, exhibitions and more, however, this year a symposium type of plan is being considered.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/21008


- Doctoral Candidate, Architecture (Lab of Architecture &Urbanism),
   University of Seoul, Seoul, 2014
- Doctoral Program, Interdisciplinary Arts (Art History & Film Theory),
   Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA, 2005
- Master of Arts, Art History, Hongik University, Seoul, 2002
- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Environmental Sculpture, University of Seoul, Seoul, 1997

Curated Exhibition & Research Project
- <2018 ADO Urban Research: the Sense of urban Hybridity- Imageability>,
     spaceADO, Incheon, 2019
- <Incheon, Remembering and Recording with eyes of the people>, Incheon Art
    Platform Warehouse Gallery, Incheon, 2018
- <2016-2017 ADO Urban Research: Urban Senses>(The field research of Asian
   port cities) - Hochiminh City(Vietnam), Qingdao&Shanghai(China), Hong Kong,
    Yokohama&Tokyo(Japan), Chennai(India),  2017
- <The Cradle of Korean Literature, Incheon Literature exhibition>, Incheon
    International Airport, Incheon, 2016
- <Between Houses, Iron, Water, Earth; Woori Museum Opening Exhibition>
   (Chief Curator), Woori Museum, Incheon, 2015
- <the Village of the Memory; Woori Museum Opening Exhibition>
   (Chief Curator), Woori Museum, Incheon, 2015
- <2015 ADO Urban Research: the City is History>, spaceADO, Incheon, 2015
- <the Role of Urban Regeneration and Public Art with incheon Old Cities>(ARKO
    Public Art R&D Project), Incheon, 2014
- <2014 ADO Urban Research: Art + Jung-gu Urban Regeneration Project>,
   spaceADO,  Incheon, 2014
- <BEAT 131 Media Art Project>, ImjingakPyeonghoa-Nuri, GyeongGi-Do, 2013
- <The Story of One Village>, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2013
- <Urban Research of Chicago and San Francisco>(Project VIA, Research Project>,
    Chicago&San Francisco, USA, 2013
- <April Greiman- Think about what you think>, Yoon Design, Seoul, 2012
- <The Breathing Tree: Public Art Project, The Experience Center of
   Climate Changes>, Bupeyong Gulponuri Experience Center of
   Climate Changes, Incheon, 2011-2012
- <Memophilia>(Art Director), Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2010-2011

- Jung Sanghee, 『Hanoi and Busan : Reading Cities as Visual Arts II』,
   ADOcreation, 2019
- Jung Sanghee co-trans. Mark Irving, 『1001 Architecture You Must See Before
   You Die』, Maronie Books, 2017
- Jung Sanghee, 『Chicago and Incheon : Reading Cities as Visual Arts I』,
   ADOcreation, 2015
- Jung Sanghee trans. Lucy Lippard, 『Pop Art (World of Art)』, Sigongsa, 2011
- Jung Sanghee trans. Rosa Giorgi, 『Angels and Demons in Art(A Guide to
   Imagery)』, Yekyong, 2010
- Jung Sanghee co-trans. DK, 『ART, The History Of World Art』 Sigongsa, 2009