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Seoul, born 1986
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• geemaelee@gmail.com
• facebook.com/ahhaeproject

Since 2012, geemaelee has been working with various artists through a project group called 〈Ah-hae Project〉. As an artist, she is interested in exploring a specific place, discovering stories of the place, interviewing people who live ordinary lives, and transforming it all into an extraordinary day. On the other hand, as a director, the establishment of visual images through the movement of the body, or through auditory stimuli from live music are for her primary modes of expression. To her, it is a joy to encounter audiences when a concert is over, and collect their stories of and through the concert, and recreate another concert from these stories. Some of her notable works include 〈The Sonata of Flame〉 (2012), 〈Waiting for GODOThori〉 (2015), 〈The Spaceman〉 (2017), 〈Sound Portall〉 (2018), 〈The Train, Going to GANGGYUNG〉 (2018).
During the residency, she is planning to interview experts in various fields who live in Incheon, and depict them through various methods. Writing texts inspired by people she encounters ‘now and here’, events, spaces, and thoughts, she is looking forward to meeting audiences by repeating this experiment with artists who are active in different fields.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/20963


- train theatre <the train, going to GANGGUYNG>, the train from west Daejeon to
   Ganggyung,  2018
- Ansan research<Sound Portal_ANSAN>, the city hall of Ansan, Ansan, 2018
- camping theatre <the Spaceman>, the city hall square in Seoul, Seoul, 2017
- the variations on the road <Wake me up>, from the corner, Daejeon, 2017
- <the Ideal society ver.2> Namsangol hanok maeul, Seoul Namsan Traditional
   Theatre, Seoul,  2016
- <treasure speaker>, the entire area of Seoul World Cup Stadium, Seoul, 2016