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Ji Park

Seoul, born 1986
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• jipark.contemporary@gmail.com
• www.jipark-contemporary.com

Ji Park studied Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory in Boston (US) and earned a Master of Music. The artist has been actively working as a contemporary dance music composer, music director for movies, and an improvisor. After studying in France, She made her debut with the album 〈Ji Park 9000km+〉 (2014), and released an improvisation album 〈As Autumn Departs〉 (2015) in the U.S with a jazz pianist Vardan Ovsepian. After majoring in classical music, she became fascinated by free jazz, and instead of being limited to a certain genre, she has been constantly presenting interdisciplinary forms of art through 〈the Ji Park Contemporary Series.〉 Since 2014, The artist has continued to work and perform with international artists in Korea, Europe and the U.S.
During the residency, with the inspiration and afterimage from the Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany, the artist will make a work that speculates with the social phenomena that could occur if the reunification of Korea were to take place. Based on collected information about social phenomena after Germany’s unification, she is planning to collaborate with jazz pianists, sounds artists, string ensembles and traditional Korean musical instruments, and is looking forward to collaborating with visual artists in IAP.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/20822


- New England Conservatory, Contemporary Improvisation,  Master of Music,
   Boston, USA
- Chugye University For The Arts, Contemporary Music, Seoul
- Keimyung University, Orchestral Music, Daegu
- Gyengbuk Arts High School, Orchestral Music, Daegu

- <Hidden Dimension> Contemporary Dance Composition,
   Daehakno Arts Theater, Seoul, 2019
- <The Art of Improvisation> Blumenklang Quartet, Hamburg, Germany, 2018
- <Jazz Korea Festival>, Berlin, Germany, 2018
- <Ji Park Contemporary Series Vol. 11> Graphic Score Composition,
   National Theater of Korea, Seoul, 2018
- <Modern Times : Ji Park Contemporary SeriesVol.10> Film Scoring Concert,
   The Booksays, Seoul, 2018
- <Asia Culture Market: Ji Park Contemporary SeriesVol.12> Asia Culture Center,
   Gwangju, 2018
- <Temperature of Gaze> Contemporary Dance Composition,
   National Theater of Korea, Seoul, 2017
- <Voice of Acts> Contemporary Dance Composition, Mary Hall, Seoul, 2017
- <Time of Bluebeard> Soloist, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2017
- <Macbeth> Contemporary Dance Composition, National Theater of Korea,
   Seoul, 2016
- <VOCE - Vardan Ovsepian Chamber Ensemble> Soloist, blue whale, LA,
   USA, 2016
- <Ji Park Contemporary SeriesVol.2> w/ Tyler Gilmore, Sound Art, Ibeam,
   New York, USA, 2016
- <OMI International Arts Center> Residency Artist, New York, USA, 2015
- <As Autumn Departs> w/ Vardan Ovsepian, released Improvisation CD,
   USA, 2015
- <Korzo Festival : Ji Park Contemporary Series Vol.1> Video Art, Hague,
   Netherlands, 2015
- <Scak Festival : Ji Park Contemporary SeriesVol.1> Video Art, Kloosterburen,
   Netherlands, 2015
- <Performing Arts Market in Seoul : Ji Park Contemporary SeriesVol.1>
   PAMS showcase, National Theater of Korea, Seoul, 2014
- <Ji Park 9000km+> released Improvisation CD, Korea, 2014

- <Salon de Tango> Salon d’O, 11thKorean Music Awards, Jazz & crossover prize,