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Started in 2017, based in Seoul, Incheon, and Gwangju
• Term : Mar, 2019 - Jan, 2020
• Team.TRIAD.KR@gmail.com

KIM Honam
• hothonam@gmail.com

JEON Minje
• aliceonueber@gmail.com
• https://www.linkedin.com/in/ueberueber

HONG Gwangmin
• gogosound0329@gmail.com
• http://min-art.com

Team TRIAD consists of three artists (KIM Honam, JEON Minje, and HONG Gwangmin). They have been conducting continuous experiments in various mediums. In the early days, they worked to provide new auditory experiences by creating extreme soundscapes under the common denominator ‘sound’. In recent years they have been exploring medium from their various backgrounds as they feel the necessity to transcend the sound element in the context of expanding the senses through hearing experiences. More recently, they have been presenting installation works and performances that visualize the city’s data in audible and unique forms.
At the Incheon Art Platform, they will take a look at the data that Incheon as a port city created. They are captivated by the rhythms that resemble a circulatory system; the many forms of cargo and people that come into Incheon, spread throughout the country, and gather back in Incheon before exiting. As if cargo were like blood, transportation roads are like vessels, the city is like an organ, and the buildings are like cells. If they follow the rhythms of the city data that changes according to data from logistics, they are expecting to discover new stories of Incheon, not unlike how a heart beats to a rhythm.

[Incheon Culture Communication 3.0] Artist Introduction Interview : http://news.ifac.or.kr/archives/21309


- <A.I.MAGINE - Urban Jae-Saeng Device >, Urban Data Science Lab(UDSL),
   Seoul, 2018
- <DeadLine for soundScape>, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, 2017

- <A.I.MAGINE - The Musical Score of City : Jongno>, Urban Data Science
   Lab(UDSL), Seoul, 2018
- <Seoul International Digital Festival - The Musical Score of City : Jongno>,
   Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul, 2018
- <zer01neday creator camp - The Musical Score of City : Jongno>,
   zer01ne (Hyndai Motors Wonhyoro Center), Seoul, 2018

- <The Lost Voyage - Soundtrack(The Musical Score of City)>, Gwangju biennale,
   Gwangju, 2018
- <Fantastic City - Soundtrack(neoplasia)>, venezia biennale architettura,
   venezia, Italy, 2017