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BEOM Jinyong

Over the past few years, Beom Jinyong has recorded and observed dreams, reproduced them in a journal and adapted them into drawings. He combines multiple figures in dreams and narratives where relations are ambiguous and boundaries are unclear, or uses inconsistent incidents to create a series of endless narratives.
His latest artworks focused on making landscape that he met in his everyday life get closer to psychological energy condensed in his mind, and on expressing hallucinatory scenes or landscape in dream in a redundant way. Accordingly, it is a real yet non-existent and objective yet subjective landscape where two things that are neither reality nor dream are intersected to weave one story.  
The project to be performed at Incheon Art Platform has abandoned parks and urban rivers as its setting. Unfrequented walks are ‘full’ of weeds due to a lack of management. He plans to produce a landscape filled with vitality where tenacious grass struggles for life, coexisting with an abandoned desolate space.