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Kwak Eve has always had an interest in construction of life and the physical environment where people live. She has largely observed immobility and construction activities that stem from the shape of a building and deals with the media (painting, sculpture, books and printed matters) where a plane becomes a solid and vice versa so that the appearance can be sketched and behavioral variability can be discussed.
Her main works include A Mountain to the Back, a River to the Front series and Height of the Bottom aiming to turn a ground plan of an apartment house into multi-dimension cement pieces to which a specific standard is applied and reproduce it as diorama, 13 Different Things that makes it possible to realize sculptural change through processing for plane-shaped stripping, Plane Vs. Plane series aiming to draw appearance of the actual subject through the use of architectural construction material after production of prints in reference to characteristics of a modern structure in a city, and The Structure of the Sky aiming to talk about the structure of the distance and the sky based on the quantity of ink that is gradually blurred as the pages of a book is turned. Recently, she is studying a method of visualizing ‘the moment when a place becomes virtual’ and ‘patterns of use of space,’ with an interest in linkage effects of background generated between display places and artworks.
At Incheon Art Platform, she will study the painting media with a theme, ‘Constructional Space of Time,’ along with research on a life style formed by geological characteristics of Incheon.