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HWANG Gyunghyun

After graduating from College of Fine Arts at Mokwon University, Hwang Gyunghyun had solo exhibitions, including  Drawing Room (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, 2017), Drawing Dome (spaceADO, 2016),  Sidaeyeokma (KSD Gallery, 2016), Black and White Space (Alternative Space NOON, 2015) and Black & White Audience (Gallery 1898, 2015), and participated in group exhibitions, including New Drawing Project (Yangju City Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, 2017), A Treasure Island (Gyeonggi Creation Center, 2016) and Sensible Reality (Seoul Citizens Hall Gallery, 2016). His artworks are mostly drawings based on the diversified media attempted in the artist’s narrative framework.
At Incheon Art Platform, he will continue to study scenes featuring the process of reinterpreting material properties, composition and subjects with regard to painting works, and expanding the area of work in many ways through projects where intermediate media are used.