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HWANG Moonjung

Born in Incheon in 1990, Hwang Moonjung graduated from Seoul National University, majoring in sculpture, before graduating from the Glasgow School of Art (MLitt Fine Art Practice).
Since childhood, she has often lived on the outskirts of a city. She once longed for planned urban landscape downtown but began to have more interest in irregularities and stories in unexpected spaces unfolding in the outskirts. She thinks that a city is a place where old things struggling to survive have an interesting skirmish with new things rushing into. In particular, she is fascinated with stories created by monster-like expanding architectural structures and natural objects mixed in crevices.
At Incheon Art Platform, she will conduct research on places that show the vestiges of the city, and collect related objets. At the same time, she will explore places that experienced changes so rapidly that a sense of incongruity is felt. She also plans to design the ‘landscape of an unauthorized city’ where spaces, people and materials touch each other to get entangled.