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AN Gyungsu

An Gyungsu works in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do and expresses the landscapes of every place home and abroad where he works as a resident artist. He closely observes the boundaries of landscape and caricaturizes the layers of scenes found in this way. He asks a question about ‘unbalanced relationships between properties of the surface of paining and the original (landscape),’ and tries to find an answer to the question, ‘How do we define the boundary of landscape?’ He not only defines the boundaries of a permanent residence and attempts to interfere with the subject through the arbitrary boundary (layer) that pertains to the inside and the outside of the boundary and a drawing between an artist and landscape, but also breaks scenes by overlapping a picture with landscape.
At Incheon Art Platform, he plans to study the characteristics of Incheon as a city and structures in the city formed with a mixture of various cultures, and produce painting works by layer. Some of them will be recorded as photos and videos while completed pictures will be overlapped with actual landscapes. This is the artist’s unique method of entering the boundaries of the city.