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AHN Sanghoon

Ahn Sanghoon left for Germany, a strange land to him, at the age of 30 and lived there for more than 10 years, and returned to his homeland Korea that became strange to him to prepare for another beginning. The artist constantly asks questions about what a painting means to him, but does not expect any fixed answer.
He tries to maintain pictorial tension between lightness and graveness and works to flow instead of staying while feeling a pleasure of drawing all the time. That is why Ahn’s paintings continue to progress.
At Incheon Art Platform, he will pictorially expand drawing elements that frequently appear in his latest works and continue to ask questions about his ‘pictures’ or ‘drawings’ through which processes interact with decisions. In his project Rolling Drawing, he attempts to expand the time and space of ‘a slowly completed drawing,’ realizing the image of Incheon International Airport that was a place of breakup, reunion, sadness and excitement for him when he was an international student. In the work, he plans to use a post drawing shuttling between Incheon and Berlin.