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CHANG Seoyoung

Through videos, texts and sculptures, Chang Seo Young deals with the form and type of existence of ignored things and invalid things due to invisibility in an opaque social structure. For example, she causes situations where clearly existing things are ignored, or non-existing things are treated as existing. Turning the existing into the non-existing, or vice versa is related to social perception, recognition and social visibility. (‘If no one knows me, I’ve never existed.’) Main characters of her works appear without specific elements such as the body, name, memory, productivity and identity, which produce ambiguous situations where they are neither existing nor non-existing due to omission or deletion.
At Incheon Art Platform, she will explore the significances of production of artworks created by artists in connection to the concept of productivity within the society, largely dealing with the body not laboring and invisible in the society. She plans to study the components of a society that are not ‘healthy and productive components,’ and patterns and forms in which existing yet non-existing body barely exists.