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JUNG Seokhee

After majoring in western painting, Jung Seok-Hee studied communication arts at the Graduate School of New York Institute of Technology. He held 13 solo exhibitions including The Depth of Time (OCI Museum, Seoul) in 2016 and participated in 60 group exhibitions including Detachment (SOMA Drawing Center) in 2015.
His works deal with broad perspectives ranging from ontological or existential narratives to various matters originated from human relationships featuring ‘reality and unreality’ and ‘conflicts and confrontation.’ The artworks have types of animated video with pictures or drawings in which drawings or pictures change and move.
At Incheon Art Platform, he plans to produce painting and drawing works, including two video painting projects and one video drawing. The video painting and video drawing works consist of the process of drawing, shooting and re-drawing of numerous images, taking a lot of time due to their characteristics, and often difficult to predict the process and the conclusion.