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SIM Seungwook

Born in Seoul in 1972, Sim Seung Wook graduated from Hongik University and from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in sculpture. He has participated in more than 10 solo exhibitions and various special exhibitions. The artist is paying attention to social phenomena experienced from deficiency or excess of human desires through various visual media, including sculpture, installations and photographs. He has reinterpreted and linked various timely topics, while working with the themes such as instability invisibly latent in superficial stability, unfriendly attitude towards others and intentional isolation for self-protection.  At Incheon Art Platform, he will seek the possibility of collaboration with artists in other genres, which is considered as the institution’s advantage, and produce or dispose of various stories found in the history of Incheon and everyday life, and find a new method of expression within a large thematic framework characterized by ‘desires amid excess and deficiency’ or ‘steady instability.’