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KANG Juhyeon

Numerous results substituted with photos blur the boundary between the reality and memories. Concerns about the boundaries lead to questions about invisible differences. Kang Ju-hyeon experiments formal possibilities of photo-sculpture and photo-drawing crossing the boundaries between photos, sculpture and drawing through a series of photographic processes. Photo-sculpture is realized through three-dimensional implementation of reproductive photos within restricted frames, and photo-drawing is actualized through recomposition of collection of overlapped lines. She does not consider photos as a means of recording objects but focuses on exploring and experimenting various formative characteristics of photos to actualize the subjects and unveil fine differences between invisible subjects and the media known as photos. Such differences will make us tear down the boundaries of our view on something. Currently, a project titled ‘The Body of Emotions’ is underway revealing invisible differences in specific objects to create and study new objets.
Her experiments on visual expressions of invisible things through a new interpretation of ‘differences’ existing in boundaries will be continued at Incheon Art Platform, expanding the concept of image to newly combine images, using such factors as time, space and imagination, or to create imaginary images, beyond images just for seeing and feeling.