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LI Liuyang

Liuang Li was born in 1988, Henan, China, and currently lives and works in Chongqing. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute majoring New Media Arts (Interactive Media Pathway) in 2016.
He directs in projects of interactive, video, sculpture, sound art, etc., using multi-media technologies. He and his team make art works in form of audio-visual live shows. He is going to work with multi-media during the residency. He focuses on outdoor advertising texts, pictures, lightings, etc., which contain a large number of human and aesthetic information, since they are important manifestation of the mass culture in the context of consumerism. His final presentation of work in Incheon should be cutting off the relationship of the outdoor advertisement and its established place and environment to extract the slice information of city culture, inverting the original voice of outdoor advertising. He plans to use audio and lighting technology to control the information output at the exhibition space.