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Exchange Artists from Asialink, Australia

Theia Connell is a Hobart-based Australian artist who works across sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and sound. Theia completed a BA (Art History/Anthropology) at Melbourne University in 2010, and a BFA (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2014.  She has been exhibiting frequently across Australia since 2012, and in 2015 co-founded Visual Bulk, an experimental art space in Hobart where she currently programs and curates exhibitions.
Connell’s art practice is informed by an interest in anthropology and particularly the way we attribute value to objects, materials, space and language. Her practice explores the prescription of taste, appeal, luxury, mundanity or vulgarity and how this becomes culturally embodied in material. Connell often uses site as catalyst, looking towards the specifics of a space to inform the making of the work. She uses formal construction of objects and the performing body in multifaceted ways, aiming to draw out a sense of play and poetry in her work.
At Incheon Art Platform, South Korea, Theia aims to develop a new series of performance-based videos, reacting to the civic spaces of South Korea and the behavioral protocols they carry. This will be supported by a body of sculptural work that will come in the form of costume, prop, or object for site-specific installation. Her investigation will focus on the unique Korean concepts of ‘kibun’ and ‘nunchi’. Using ‘kibun’, ‘nunchi’, performance, sculpture and collaboration as tools, Theia will play with the cultural specificities embedded in the built environments of Incheon and Seoul. The co-existence of ancient monuments, colonial buildings, the busy Incheon port, and the current mega-metropolis of Seoul will frame the new work.