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KURODA Daisuke

Exchange Artist from BankART1929, Yokohama, Japan

In recent years, Daisuke Kuroda has conducted field work in Tsushima and South Korea and visited local art exhibitions and residencies, coming up with kinetic installation works that use images and electric appliances to show the relationship between geographical features and civilization.
His work is as big as to envelop the viewer's body, and it is made to stimulate the senses of the viewer and enhance consciousness of the body. The theme of individual works is also often related to the relationship between the geographical condition of a certain land and its stories and history.  
During the residency, he plans to create works that are based on a survey of geographic characteristics and environment of Incheon. The residency is also for thinking about important matters such as "technology" "physicality" "machine" "kinetic", etc., which are directly related to his own work production.