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Mackerel who has suffered from an eating disorder for a long time is presently far away from those days almost recovering from it, but as her body has changed after that, she wanted to live in a ‘different’ body transcending cure and rebirth. This led to a question, "Is it possible to live in a ‘different’ body while keeping the ‘spirit’ intact as it is ?" She found an answer to the question in drawings.
Some anxiety is inevitable in life. The problem is that anxiety is getting worse when the gray area that divides self and the others collapses transcending the scope of ‘myself.’ It is no better than collapse of the body. At this time, it feels like the subject has disappeared. She tries to explore the possibilities of subjectivation based on the theory of body ontology by talking about the body that feels anxiety instead of ‘drawing’ such emotion as anxiety.
Paying attention to ‘a second body’ made through combination of the body outside the subject and the bodies of the others, Mackerel uses diverse media with regard to subjectivation outside the body while reflecting on the body for herself. She divides the body into ‘relational body’ and ‘working body’ and tries to examine the process with regard to how one individual recovers the body in a circumstance of physical seperation or suppression.