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KIM Soonim

Kim Soonim has an interest in the nature of various regions and the consequent stories about people. She observes, discovers and works to find local characteristics and stories in local nature and the faces of those who live in the region. She herself says that she is an artist and a weaver. She expresses the discovered stories in various ways such as installation, sculpture, videos, photos, performances and drawings in combination with natural objets having characteristic of each region. Kim’s artworks are based on her residential area and evolve in a way that shows the area as they express the internal and external environment of the residential area and the stories of those who live there. She selects materials and determines a method of expression, depending on accepted stories, discovered phenomena, and local nature and environment.
When she moved to Incheon in 2017, she said that she would continue her observation for new discoveries in addition to in-depth development of natural materials and stories in Incheon that were experimented in the past. She plans to study how to expand a method of expression of Landed Ocean that was unveiled at Incheon Art Platform in 2016 for the first time and plans to hold a workshop on natural arts at a salt farm and other various areas in Incheon. As she believes that an artist’s work can be finally completed only when it is expressed in behavior and response from audiences, and also when labor is harmonized with surrounding natural phenomena or environment, Kim will continue to conduct experiments to realize it.