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SEO Youngjoo

Seo Youngjoo is a performer and actor who creates dolls representing her and moves them. However, the dolls simultaneously make her move, dance, sing and meet with others. She expresses images observed on the edge of a cliff or at a point of limitation faced in everyday life through actions based on dolls on a stage. These expressions contain a wish for conquest and sublimation that lead to ‘All outdated things collapse but everything is reborn to create new dance moves again.’
She attempts to realize image dramas featuring performances where dolls respond to performers, participatory movement on the part of audiences, videos and sound in addition to the process where unconscious wishes crash in through conscious moves before soaring to full bloom. Performances where dolls, people and plays meet with one another can be implemented as a game mixed with a complex art form.
At Incheon Art Platform, she intends to explore a new possibility to exhibit actions on a stage from various angles by filming and reconstructing performances. She also plans to create artworks that include dolls, the main components of a performance, and produce and re-edit a video containing the traces of exhibitions and performances before installing them.