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PARK Seungsoon

Park Seungsoon is working as a new media contents creator and electronic musician RADIOPHONICS. He is also a co-founder of collective ‘IDEAN.’ He has studied and worked on a method enabling people to interact with the universe or the nature through music.
Starting with his first work Cosmos on the theme of dots and the universe in 2010, he aims at experimental and creative sound based on such electronic sounds as Nexus, Nexus Remix, Life Particles and W.W.W. Regarding light and sound as a particular wave, he has examined a method of projecting it into the media or spaces. He is developing and suggesting such new methods of creation and appreciation of music as AQUAPHONICS series, an interface where music is played through the use of properties of water, CHROMATIC SCAPE, an installation where sound and light act as the medium, and PHASE, an audio/visual artwork completed through introduction of physical or geometric concepts. In addition, he is establishing his own independent domain while proceeding with omnidirectional works on music based on authorship, lectures and workshops. For the purpose of personal research and project, he is presently developing a system that analyzes landscape images and automatically plays appropriate sounds, using deep learning algorithms.
At Incheon Art Platform, he plans to collect the present landscape images and sound data to be learned by a computer, and build an ‘AI-based sound scape system.’ By doing this, he will develop a new applicable type of sound scape method and performance, identify errors that might occur in AI, and talk about the limitations of mechanism where human beings and computers perceive or appreciate sound landscape.