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A.N.D.theatre (Analog and Digital Theatre)

A.N.D. Theatre was organized to conduct artistic activities featuring performance-based experiments and sustainable artworks in 2008. It intends to serve as a joint between the world and audiences through analogic sensibility and new imagination. A.N.D. Theatre believes that theatrical drama can make the world beautiful! It finds it impossible for contemporary theatrical actors to be free from numerous social problems, and for this reason, it pursues to create theatrical dramas dealing with the most disputed issues of the time. It continues to conduct experiments on ‘new documentary’ drama where living things are used as materials, and one’s body and life are expressed at a theater.  
At Incheon Art Platform, they will delve into reasons for existence, unveil the hidden truth, share values to be sustained and accuse absurdity of the world. They will consider criticism and introspection as important tools to realize revival, change, solidarity and coexistence. They pursue to stabilize the existing projects and conduct collaboration and exchange with many artists, and hope that Incheon will be filled with vitality thanks to young artists joining together.