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Dance Company MYUNG

Dance Company Myung aims to serve as a lighthouse that lightens the darkness of the world through artistic expressive activities. They pursue authentic artistic works from the heart instead of the brain and try to realize a warm-hearted society where people find their pleasure in culture and arts.
Dance Company Myung is operated as a creative organization where all members serve as choreographers and dancers before changing their roles to maintain horizontal relationships instead of vertical relationships. Efforts are made to overcome the limitation of temporality of performances through more diversified free-spirited spatial experiences and video works departing from conventional performances instead of being preoccupied with theater-based productions.
This year, they plan to issue Monthly Dance, and produce Endless Choreography Project and Dance Film Production and make various attempts to communicate with more audiences through interesting activities conducted together with regular audiences and an unspecified number of the general public so that disadvantages originated from the temporality of performances can be complemented.