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LEE Jeongeun

Lee Jeongeun majored in art theories and is presently engaged in planning exhibitions, projects and criticism. She worked at the curatorial office of Maulmisul Art Project and Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Pyeongtaek Branch (Anjeong-ri Village Regeneration Project), etc., and planned a public art project, Finding Romance. As a curator and critic, she participated in public art projects, art projects that are held beyond the existing exhibition space, and projects showing arts in everyday life. She is interested in socio-cultural situations and responses in the art circles in Korea and recently studies how cultural policies have been developed and performed at the time when artistic discourses cross non-artistic logics such as society and institution.
At Incheon Art Platform, she plans to focus on critical technology with regard to support system for writers that appeared after introduction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and related institutions as a part of efforts to study cultural policies. In addition, she plans to conduct a project on the theme of ‘an artist’s travel.’ She intends to take a process of taking a trip to Guleopdo Island in Incheon as a project and meet with audiences in the process.