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CHOI Yoonjung

Choi Yoonjung majored in Korean literature and aesthetics and served as a curator at Mediate Space Minari Gwangju and leaded Exhibition Team of Daegu Art Museum. Currently, she is working as an independent curator, an editor of Publishing House Gongteo and an adjunct professor at Daegu University.
Theme on which she mainly focuses is locality in the historical context_ the discovered present. Her study starts with history, ecology, natural features, cultural prototype and community, and finds the patterns of a ‘special life’ and social relations in it. She aims at or greatly desires such curating that selects a theme and devises how to act based on the study.
At Incheon Art Platform, she plans to contextualize activities conducted for the past 10 years and concentrate on studying a special and unique curating in the present and the future. Action method is based on ‘interview project’ by theme and text work through research on data and literature, and linkage to ‘publishing’ is taken into account. At the same time, she seriously considers the regional characteristics and cultural mapping of Incheon as another research project.